The original idea was to fly up to New York with iPhone cameras and ask people on the street to thank South Carolina for taking their garbage. Next, we would present South Carolinians with the authentic, bleeped-out gratitude of New Yorkers. In the end, we scripted modestly budgeted TV and radio spots that enjoyed great frequency across the state.

We made the campaign for “Don’t Dump On SC,” a coalition of citizens and organizations committed to preserving the beauty and quality of life in the Palmetto State. Hidden in a bill curiously entitled “Business Freedom To Chose” was a codicil that would enable private companies in South Carolina the opportunity to take as much of the most profitable solid waste it could find. Because land is cheap here and we pay so little to dispose of our own trash, that garbage would come from far, far away.

The campaign was wildly successful. The bill that had quietly enjoyed bipartisan support in the house never made it to the senate. Score one for Antony and the good guys.

Produced with my good friends at Williamson Evans.