Content Beyond Words.


When you engage an audience, every word has to pull its weight. You have to inform them. Intrigue them. Move them. It’s easier said than done, and it takes more than language. It takes thinking. About strategy. About design. About what drives people at their core. Thinking is what I do best. I’m a copywriter and creative director who consistently goes beyond the assignment, and delivers results beyond words. 

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Rodney Rogers is a uniquely talented writer and a deep, strategic thinker. But be warned: his clever wit has a way of sneaking up on you unawares, and taking a chunk out of your funny bone.
— Wally Stoneman, Partner, Creative Director, Eric Mower and Associates
Rodney is an outstanding creative thinker and writer with a great ear for brand voice. He is one of those rare writers who truly cares about every sentence he writes. As a result, his work is consistently on-message and smartly crafted. He can produce the big insight—and write the fine detail.
— Jason Hirthler, Content Strategy Director, MRY New York
Rodney brings out the best in me. He is very easy to challenge and not get defensive about feedback but welcome it as it takes him in new directions. Always great stuff from our time together.
— Bill Donohue, CEO Donohue+Co.
To anyone looking for that elusive modern creative leader, the rare type that understands business goals and the broad context as well as copy and art. I had the privilege of working with Rodney at IMI Resort Holdings when I was Creative Director. He was my go to for the deep insights that would cut through the noise and resonate with our audience.
— Blake Tannery, ACD, Huge
Rodney has been invaluable creative resource for IMI. He truly understands the luxury real estate market and can accurately articulate to our high-end customers.
— Chris Collins, Senior Director of Marketing, IMI
I’ve worked with Rodney a many times over the years, but only once I can remember. I mean, the rest were hardly like work for me. The southern drawl and that nice guy thing — it’s not just an act.
— Chris Jones, President, Popcorn Initiative