If You Want To Be Read, Write.

Several months ago I resolved to write two handwritten letters a week. No small task when you consider how much my handwriting skills have atrophied. 

It didn’t matter the type of communication; business letters, thank-you notes, correspondence with friends—you know, the everyday stuff of email, texts, posts and chats. That’s when I noticed a funny thing happening. 

I was being read—with a response rate of 100% or so. 

In an age when “no one reads the copy” rings more true than ever (though it’s still largely false), there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing you’re being read. 

Maybe the medium is the message. Handwritten letters were once considered unprofessional. But now they’re so novel, and they’ve always been perceived as considerate, thoughtful—and most importantly—genuine. Those are attributes missing in most communication and messaging today.