You Have A Voice, Right?

It’s funny how you can be in loud, crowded room, but if you hear a familiar voice across the way, you know exactly who’s talking—not necessarily because of what they’re saying, but by how they’re saying it—by their tone of voice.

That’s the way it should work with your brand too.

When you have a consistent voice, your audience knows it’s you long before your logo appears. Conversely, if you could tag your messaging with a competitor’s logo and no one notices, well, you have a problem. 

Your brand voice is your own unique way of speaking to your audience. Be mindful not only of what you’re saying, but of how you’re saying it. What’s your personality? Are you funny? Serious? Authoritative? Youthful? Does your tone of voice should accurately reflect your brand values? After all, branding doesn’t begin and end with design: your brand should be expressed consistently through language and tone.

It sounds like common sense, because it is. But I’ve been involved with a number of budding brands for whom tone of voice was an afterthought. So before you launch that site, produce that video or even send that first tweet, consider your voice.